Used for the broom, Health the environment-scatterless duster, thoroughly dus all form surfaces, makes it keep enviroonment.
Excellent to absorb water and pick up dust and dirt, helping the floor dry in a short time with cool, clean and no dust left over.
Clean Sweep Delight Handy Mop to be like the feathers of a chicken. Health the environment - scatterless duster, thoroughly dust all form surfaces.
Cleaning Glove Delight can be used for wet and dry cleaning type. Replacement to used rag; tripe from the stomach of an ox for keep environment
Fantasy Rug Delight as the original duster rug made from 100% cotton, that made by acrylic fibers with can not blot water but to hold water.
Delight Duster White Oil as the pure white oil, both no smell and no effect to skin of people or animal.
Hygiene Floor as finish Floor , easy to used, cleaning and durable floor, to slide protect, to electric evacuate protect or fire leak protect, good for ventilate.
The peculiar structure of the wringer reduces washing times, as wringing and rinsing take place thanks to one single movement.
Clean house Delight Refill made from cotton 100% with hight quality can be kept both the water and duster with oil.
Sleeper Duster Delight, Save time cleaning and scatterless dust, thoroughly dust all form surfaces