The "Delight Twist Wet Mop" is made for SUPER COTTON

the natural fiber which is excellent to absorb water and pick up dust and dirt, helping the floor dry in a short time with cool, clean and no dust left over. Unlike most other wet mops which 90% are made of synthetic fiber, they always stir dust all over the house. The mopping cotton cloth can be washable or replaced easily for the new one. Each string of the cotton fiber is thicker and softer compared to other ordinary twist wet mop, therefore it is more gentle and durable in utilizing.


ID : 885-540000 255 8 - 300
Size : 120 cm.
Weight : 270 g.

Health Begins At Home
Clean House Delight at the heart of Delight’s clean house system is the remarkable specially developed 100% cotton yarn cleaning material. The extra fine 100% cotton yarn standard have been designed to hold dirt and dust within the material, scatter less duster, thoroughly dust all from surfaces, make it keep environment.
Clean House Delight Instructions
Clean House Delight Instructions
How to use White Oil Delight
Direction and Maintenance for Cleaning Glove, Handy Mop, Duster Mop, Slipper Mop With Duster Oil (No need to wash for 1-2 months) Pour duster oil slightly onto your sponge, and rub the cotton yarn until the oil absorption or spray the oil slightly onto the yarn. Then your cleaning (our mop all items) can be re-used immediately for 1-2 months without washing. Caution:  Use on dry surface... (more)